We are all doing the right thing by staying at home during COVID-19, so let's make and feel beauty

We are all doing the right thing by staying at home during COVID-19, so let's make and feel beauty

I will be making something for you tomorrow on IG after a short meditation and reconnection to our creative selves, so we can all connect to this person inside of us.  They are the ones grounded to nature and will help us find our way.  March 18th at 10am PST and 2pm PST on my live IG feed. 


March 17, 2020 by Pilar Zuniga
Tropical mixed with soft and lush blooms for an super colorful and spectacular wedding at the Marin Headlands by Gorgeous and Green

Tropical mixed with soft and lush blooms for an super colorful and spectacular wedding at the Marin Headlands by Gorgeous and Green

My favorite wedding to design for: 

1. Lush and full of greens

2. Colorful

3. A bit of tropical weirdness mixed with lots of local grown and seasonal blooms, all designed without floral foam.

Hey, I'm an Energy Upgrade Hero

Hey, I'm an Energy Upgrade Hero

Did you know I was an energy upgrade California Hero?  Yes, and I don't wear a cape, but I do sling flowers all day!

Here's a link to the story and some cool pics too.

February 25, 2020 by Pilar Zuniga
How do you get shiny leaves without chemicals or sprays?

How do you get shiny leaves without chemicals or sprays?

How do you get your orchid leaves, house hold plant leaves and floral design leaves to shine naturally?  Here's my hack.  And it's not just more sustainable, but cheaper too!
Swag Celebration Dec 9th, 2018. Profits for Camp Fire Victims

Swag Celebration Dec 9th, 2018. Profits for Camp Fire Victims

Camp Fire Support and Swag Making December 9th, 2018.

Sign up here.

November 27, 2018 by Pilar Zuniga
Pilar and Mona (Gorgeous and Green at the Louvre Museum Mona Lisa)

Gorgeous and Green on the Road: France!

This summer we went to France for the second time, and I have to say, it still doesn't disappoint.  Here are a few photos of interest from the trip. Lots of yummy beach time, food and of course, DESIGN that interested me.
The Paris Train Station Restaurant DETAILS
If you get the chance, have lunch at the restaurant in the Paris Gare du Nord Train Station.  It is absolutely beautiful.  This is just the ceiling.
Visiting the little beaches at Calanques National Park near Cassis
We spent the bulk of our time on the coast of France, near Marseille and Cassis.  Beautiful clear mediterranean waters, and lots of sun. This location was one of the calanques or "coves" in the mountains created by the sea. at the National Park. There is plenty of hiking and even mountain climbing to do here.  You can also just lay out and take a nap.
Final beach day in Marseille
We stopped for some chill time at a little cafe on the water in Marseille.  Great place for a dip or a late lunch and aperitif. 
lots of love in France
Lots of love in France.
Having Lunch at the Louvre, pyramid style
I always enjoy visiting the little restaurants in museums (a favorite being the Smithsonian Art Museum's cafe for tea service when I was a kid). We stopped in to the tea room at the Louvre and had lunch and of course this special chocolate bomb of a desert shaped like the museum's pyramid.
Cool ARTifact at the Louvre
Once of my favorite pieces of art/artifact at the Louvre
Yummy Dinner in Paris at Le Servan
For our last dinner in Paris a friend recommended Le Servan.  A lovely meal.
I didn't create any floral designs while I was there, but I did wear plenty of florals. :)
October 16, 2018 by Pilar Zuniga
Bridesmaid bouquets in blush and whites by Gorgeous and Green for a local wedding.

Let's Blush it.

You know I love color.  Lots of deep saturated and bright colors. Purples, magenta, burgundy, copper. It all speaks my name.  But I will do lighter shades, and love to pair them with deep hues of greens.  Take a look at an order I put together for a client this Spring for a Local California Wedding.

up close of a pin on corsage for a blush peach and white wedding with lots of green, ferns and vines by Gorgeous and Green

Beautiful corsage for pin on with a natural English Garden feel. Small order for pickup, ordered online via our online store.

unique and interesting bridesmaid bouquet with jasmine anemones and blush peonies, david austen roses by Gorgeous and Green

Unique and artsy Bridesmaid Bouquet ordered for a small local wedding in the Bay Area.

sweet boutonnieres with blush and cream and ferns by Gorgeous and Green

Fern accented boutonnieres for a wedding in Northern California.

Beautiful garden inspired blush and white bridal bouquet with jasmine anemones david austens by Gorgeous and Green

I don't do a lot of pink and white, but when I do I the BLUSH out of it!

This beauty of a Bridal Bouquet was so fun to make. I love getting creative with the seasonal abundance available.  Spring is a great time for anemones and peonies of course!



October 09, 2018 by Pilar Zuniga
Spring time flower beauty for a friend

Spring time flower beauty for a friend

This Spring (note the ranunculus, anemones, poppies, tulips and hellebores)

I created some beautiful artistic designs for an industry friend, Celine (of 24 East)

Close Up of this Spring floral wonder by Gorgeous and Green

I used some of my favorite vases including this crackled low bowl, 

Natural lines and a handmade vase of flowers, by Gorgeous and Green

this handmade ceramic with a golden opaque creaminess

Tall wild and beautiful floral design by Gorgeous and Green

and this handy taupe tall rectangular vase.

The designs are all a bit wild, and of course, gorgeous and green! Using local grown flowers and branches grown in the spring.


October 02, 2018 by Pilar Zuniga
Going wild at the Conservatory of Flowers

Going wild at the Conservatory of Flowers

Over the Summer my friend Michelle (of Le Dix Sept) invited me to attend a special jungle party at the Conservatory of Flowers. We got dressed up in our flowery and fauna-ey best, and got some food, drink and danced to some groovy music. 

It was right up my alley.   

My friend and I doing our Amazonian thing at the Conservatory of Flowers

Gorgeous and Green at the Conservatory of Flowers (her native habitat)

Gorgeous and Green in the Forest

San Francisco Conservatory of flowers

They had a cool light installation on the actual conservatory building.

I did some perusing of the local plants and this giant healthy maidenhair fern was one of my favorites. (and check out those leopard print shoes)

maidenhair growing at the Conservatory of Flowers

Fun event at the Conservatory of Flowers !


This floral design I created has nothing to do with the event, but it was a good ending note:

Floral Design with whimsy and ferns by Gorgeous and Green

September 26, 2018 by Pilar Zuniga
Still, no floral foam!

Still, no floral foam!

It's been about 9 years (woah!)  since I first blogged about floral foam and I'm still foam free.  I shared an old msds sheet for a popular brand of regular foam online so folks could see what was in it.  I even made some suggestions for more transparency, better alternatives.

Have companies offered alternatives in response? There are the new plastic cages from Holly Chapple that allow you to design foam free. But still, it's plastic. Would love to have seen a reusable metal version. There is also a biodegradable foam from a major brand that is said to biodegrade in under two years in a biologically active landfills.  But I have not heard anything about the msds cautions or if the formaldehyde and other toxins and carcinogens are still in this new formula. But, there is still plenty of metal chicken wire, and that is still what I depend on the most.

a pedestal arrangement made by Gorgeous and Green without floral foam (chicken wire mechanics)

Florists all over the world are noticing that we don't need to depend so heavily on plastics and foam, and there seems to be more movement in this generation to go back to old methods of floral design without plastics. (I for one try to never use plastic vessels)  There is even an instagram movement to share foam free designs and to get more information about floral foam's effect on the environment and oceans on a molecular level. 

Let's continue to fuel this movement toward a healthier floral industry, including florists and the planet we live on.

A large and branching floral arrangement by Gorgeous and Green without floral foam

 Pilar Zuniga of Gorgeous and Green and a bridal bouquet (no foam)

June 06, 2018 by Pilar Zuniga
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