Sustainable Flower School for all Flower Lovers

This one is for flower lovers near and far! 2023 brings some new opportunity for learning sustainable flower design techniques from Gorgeous and Green with local grown and organic flowers and foliage. This first installation in the workshop series is virtual, so students can learn here in the Bay Area, the East Coast and abroad.

The Winter Virtual Workshop by Gorgeous and Green covers centerpieces with flower frogs as support structure

Join us January 29th for a class focusing on flower frogs as support structure for centerpiece and statement designs. The class will be virtual on zoom and is for locals and non-locals alike! Locals have the opportunity to pickup materials from our studio in Oakland that will include: flowers, foliage, a container and a flower frog as well as directions on how to process their materials.

Centerpiece design overflowing on table using flower pin frog or flower frog

A beautiful centerpiece design for the table with a frog as the initial support structure. This allowed for a overflowing and low to the table effect.

Pilar Zuniga of Gorgeous and Green teaching a flower class at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show

Pilar Zuniga is the owner of Gorgeous and Green. She teaches the workshops and classes and has taught many groups both large and small throughout the bay area, including at the SF Flower and Garden Show shown above. That container is actually a shallow plate/bowl with a ceramic flower frog laid in the middle.


To Sign up for the Winter Workshop click HERE.

December 21, 2022 — Pilar Zuniga

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