tall and wild arrangement for a wedding at the UC Berkeley Faculty Club by Gorgeous and Green

Gorgeous and Green at the UC Berkeley Faculty Club

Last fall Gorgeous and Green was approached my a lovely woman Anna, from the 50th UC Berkeley reunion class.

Overgrown Pedestal Table centerpiece for reunion at UC Berkeley Faculty Club by Gorgeous and Green

She wanted to bring some Cal colors and overall life and beauty into the Faculty Club, so I rented some beautiful vintage styled wrought iron pedestal vases and created overgrown blue and gold and white arrangements with trailing vines and curly willow.  She really wanted it to bring color and nature down onto the tables.

Overgrown Pedestal Table centerpiece for reunion at UC Berkeley Faculty Club by Gorgeous and Green

Overgrown Sign In Table arrangement for reunion at UC Berkeley Faculty Club by Gorgeous and Green

arrangements in the back of the Gorgeous and Green Biodiesel Wagon

Recycled Biodiesel is used in this Gorgeous and Green delivery vehicle!

Tall Pedestal Arrangement for reunion at UC Berkeley Faculty Club by Gorgeous and Green

The Chancellor was going to speak at their event, so we created a lovely taller arrangement for the background. I'm a Cal Alum, so of course,  Go Bears! Pilar G&G
Cal wedding flowers, tall trumpet vases by Gorgeous and Green

A Gorgeous and Green Wedding at CAL

This summer I did a last minute LARGE wedding at the Pauley Ballroom on the UC Berkeley campus.  There were 26 or so tables, each with their own tall trumpet vases filled with a flowing arrangement at the top.  We at Gorgeous and Green were busy getting all those flowers cleaned and arranged! As you may already know, I never use floral foam, so figuring out how to get these huge arrangements to work and look beautiful, took some experimentation, but alas, I did it.  And all with two weeks two plan and execute.

trumpet style vases with tall centerpieces for a Cal Wedding by Gorgeous and Green

The arrangements were classic bouquets of lilies, roses and hydrangea with flowing orchids and ivy.  I also did some lovely wedding party bouquets and boutonnieres, but alas don't have any pics on my phone of those.

Large trumpet centerpieces without floral foam, by Gorgeous and Green

trumpet vase centerpieces at Cal by Gorgeous and Green

  GO Cal! (my alma mater) G&G

An Earth Friendly and Vegan Earth Day, and Everyday

As you know, every day is Earth Day.  Especially here at Gorgeous and Green! A local and green certified Event Planner, Karine Brighten, also treats each day as earth day.  Apart from being green certified and having connections with local green vendors, she is also committed to education as we are.  This past April 22nd, the traditional Earth Day, she put on an event in Berkeley that highlighted her commitment to the environment and her belief in eating and living as a vegan.


gorgeous and green's earth day arrangement

I asked her to share more about her event: 1. What was your vision in creating a vegan earth day in Berkeley? My vision for the event was to start a new tradition, and that new tradition was to celebrate the link between veganism and a healthy environment in honor of Earth Day. There are many events in the San Francisco Bay Area that take place on this day, but none that focus specifically on the positive effects of veganism on the environment. My goal was to have people leave the event feeling inspired, and with tools that they can use to help the planet.

2. Please describe the event and who you chose to include in the day? The event consisted of the screening of an award-winning feature documentary, “Call of Life, Facing the Mass Extinction” by Species Alliances. The film investigates the growing threat to Earth’s life support systems as a result of dwindling biodiversity.  Following the film there was a panel discussion of 4 experts in vegan lifestyle, nutrition, and sustainability. After the panel discussion there was a catered vegan reception that everyone loved!

3. Do you feel like your vision was achieved?  What else would you like to include in up and coming vegan earth days? I couldn’t be happier with the ways things turned out! The event sold out and people walked away feeling motivated to make changes in their lifestyle. The tradition will indeed continue next year, and I hope to make it a full day event.


Gorgeous and Green was hired to provide the cute edible baskets for the event:

Gorgeous and Green's edible baskets for Vegan Earth Day

in Green and Health, G&G

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