Vintage chair with mossy and dramatic bridal bouquet by Gorgeous and Green

A Mossy Crimson Wedding by Gorgeous and Green

Gorgeous and Green had a wedding this summer that featured bright mossy greens and dark reds, burgundy and crimson.  The brightness of that lichen green against the crimson and burgundy was so wonderful.  The bride requested a mossy feel for the boutonnieres, and so I used some sustainably grown mossy green dianthus. Photos by Nima Salimi

The Mossy and crimson Bridal Bouquet by Gorgeous and Green

bridal bouquet for a mossy crimson wedding by Gorgeous and Green

The bridal bouquet

bridesmaids and their bouquets for a wedding in Calistoga by Gorgeous and Green

The bridesmaids and their bouquets

mossy boutonnieres by Gorgeous and Green for a Calistoga Wedding

and the mossy boutonnieres

The Bride and her bridesmaids, wedding flowers by Gorgeous and Green

Very fun. In sustainable beauty, G&G
small bridal bouquet with grevillia by Gorgeous and Green

A unique Coral and Peach bouquet by Gorgeous and Green

This summer I provided some floral pieces for a local wedding using local and organically grown flowers and blooms. Here is a picture of the beautiful bridal bouquet featuring local/organic grevillia from Oakland, local dahlias and local garden roses in peaches, coral, gold and brown tones. Romantic, interesting textures and beautiful!

grevillia bouquet by Gorgeous and Green


Succulent orange and mustart bridal bouquet by Gorgeous and Green

A Succulent and Dahlia wedding at Flora Grubb

Here are a few sneak photos from a wedding Gorgeous and Green participated in at Flora Grubb in San Francisco on July 30th.  (A more recent blog post has photographer's photos, these are all old iphone photos)

We created the table centerpieces, bouquets and boutonnieres as well as a large 4 foot wide arrangement that hung above the wedding party table.  Lots of local succulents and dahlias!  It was a grand affair with the planning help of Vera Devera of  Va de Vie Events.  Beautiful.

Bubble cognac vase with gathered local blooms and succulents

Repurposed wood drawer with local dahlias, scabiosa pods and succulents.  No floral foam was used, I have a secret trick that included more reusing....

Planted terrariums (one borrowed from Vera) are so interesting to look at and classy.

A large arrangement of blooms and succulents in a footed glass vase.

And the amazing hanging box...........

Cheers to the newlyweds, G&G

A busy Summer of Sustainable Weddings

Weddings, Green Weddings!

Like most florists and wedding coordinators out there, I've been busy.  So busy, I haven't been keeping up on my blogs.  So sorry. But, I hope to have some wonderful pics from wedding photographers in the coming weeks to show you all that I've been up to.  First though, a sneak peak at a few of my concoctions. A few weeks ago I had a wonderfully organic wedding in Lafayette, Ca.  The bride trusted me to develop a plan for her day and we came up with a plan for collecting recycled cobalt blue vases for her centerpieces.  She wanted pink and since there was so much blue, I added a few touches of yellow, namely from some beautiful sunflowers that were in season. All her flowers came from local growers, and about 75% of them were organic.  Thankfully, a local grower had an abundance of rose colored mini callas.  So I used them wherever I could.  I must have had at least 2 dozen just in the bride's bouquet.  Take a look:

wedding flowers

And I added plenty of those callas in the bridemaid's bouquets as well.  I also added some orchids that yours truly had grown.  For some reason I have good luck with orchid plants.  Nock on a tree.

Steph and bridesmaids

I just had a lovely wedding in Kensington at the community center, and the bride was not a big fan of flowers.  She wanted fruits and vegetables instead.  So I worked some magic with some locally grown fruits and veggies and created some beautiful centerpieces.  Here are some mock centerpieces to give you an idea of what I did:

gg Veggie centerpiece

gg fruit centerpiece

I just love getting creative with what the local earth has to offer in it's abundance.  As you can see, it's dahlia season and I couldn't help but add some locally grown organic dahlias into the mix.

All the centerpieces I've been doing, whether flowers, veggies or branches have included some key elements of sustainability.  All the vases we used in these two wedding ended up getting reused, either in to my collection or into someone's home.  That feels so good!

In Green Weddings and Health,


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