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Gorgeous and Green: Made in Oakland

Gorgeous and Green is carrying a line of jewelry by local Oakland artist, Jeannine Komush called Tangleweeds:  "Inspired by the myriad ways the urban and natural environs intersect, her pieces have a rustic feel to them that echo the organic lines and shapes of nature. Thin pieces of brass, copper, steel, and sterling are textured in such a way that at first glance they may actually appear to be a leaf, a feather." Her style is rustic yet delicate, and often includes reused materials (reclaimed leather or wood), so her stuff fits right in at G&G.  Take a look at a few of her designs:

Tangleweeds reclaimed leather earrings locally made

Tangleweeds locally made earrings

Items like these and other delicate designs are available at Gorgeous and Green at 2524 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley CA 94702 In green, community and health, G&G

October 11, 2011 by Pilar Zuniga

Recycled Silver Jewelry at Gorgeous and Green

At the Gorgeous and Green Boutique we are offering some recycled silver jewelry from Licky Drake.  Her pieces are vintage and rustic, and of course eco-friendly.  She uses 100% recycled fine silver for her pieces including her winged heart necklace and winged heart ring and vintage monograms.   All three are featured at the boutique currently. I asked Licky to share a few thoughts with us so we could better understand her art and decision to make jewelry out of recycled materials: 1. What is your artistic background and specialty? For as long as I can remember I’ve been making things. I have had a myriad of artistic interests- ceramics, painting, mixed media sculpture, photography, but I chose surface design as my major in college. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I switched gears and became fixated on jewelry. 2. Why do you offer jewelry made from recycled materials? It is very rewarding to know that no new silver is mined to make my jewelry. Because my silver is reclaimed it is so neat to think my finished pieces had a previous life. For instance, my Gathered Wings ring www.etsy.com/listing/56846368/gathered-wings-custom-size-ring-in, it was like the design was already embedded in the silver and just needed me to form it. Sometimes I believe I’m not an artist at all, merely a catalyst. 3. In what other way are you ecologically minded? I use hand made soap & shampoo bars without chemicals and I try to buy upcycled items like my tote bag made from an old coffee bean burlap sack that I take to the store so I can avoid using plastic bags. I feel the most important way I can contribute is supporting local farmers so I buy vegetables, fruits, honey, fish, bread, and freshly cut flowers from the farmer’s market on Saturdays. And I’m lucky to live where you can still get organic blackstrap molasses! 4. Out of everything you make, what item is your favorite? My favorite piece would be my Serenity Ring www.etsy.com/listing/61134840/serenity-ring-in-eco-friendly-reclaimed because it reminds me of the sea, with waves tattooed on the band and edges curved to mimic the ever-changing surface of the water. Each is made by hand so every one resonates its own charm. I lived in the Bahamas right on the crystal blue ocean for 8 years and this ring makes me feel a little closer to it. Do come by Gorgeous and Green if you like Licky's jewelry and ethic. In Green and Health, G&G
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