An Impromptu Green Wedding

This Spring Gorgeous and Green had the pleasure of working with a bride and groom who walked into my boutique the weekend before their big day. They decided to have an impromptu wedding at a local winery called Testarossa Winery, and I have to admit that their quick decision making and planning was phenomenal. It also turned out to be quite green and sustainable because they were choosing from great local vendors and had sustainability in mind.

Besides myself, another sustainably-minded green vendor that they chose for their wedding was Cara of Cara Mia Photography. Not only is she a lovely person, but her work is beautiful, and I thought I would share some pics from the event as well as some interview questions I asked her.
GG bride's bouquet with local anemones, peonies, pincushion berry
How are you personally invested in sustainability and being green?
For me being green expands beyond my business which is just an extension of how I live life and the choices I make every day that effect the environment. I like to work with companies and vendors who are conscious of their carbon footprint and who offer real sustainable alternatives like recycled paper products, vegan leather and less plastic packaging. My work is all digital so there's less paper and chemical waste and I buy used equipment to try to get the most life possible out of electronics. At home, where my office is, we try to eat mostly locally grown organic food and compost our waste. My biggest passion is focused on raising awareness about plastic pollution in the ocean. I have a blog "A Mermaid's Tear" where I share information about the devastating affects of single use plastic waste in the environment and ways we can change our habits. As I've learned more about this issue my awareness about both our spiritual and physical interconnection with nature has deepened tremendously and permeates my personal and business life.
GG local ivy garland with hanging amaranth, roses and local anemones
What are some of your favorite green ideas you've seen at weddings?
I always enjoy seeing handmade or eco-friendly favors like homemade jam or candy, plantable seed cards or beeswax candles. Any couple who chooses to work with a green caterer or florist that specialize in locally harvested and organic produce and flowers is my most favorite idea. That's the single most environmentally friendly thing a couple can do.
GG boutonnieres with local and non sprayed callas
Thanks Cara for your beautiful pictures and lovely thoughts.

local and seasonal

Just a quick post to show you some colorful photos of some bouquets I created for a wedding last year.  Love the dark purples and the seasonal amaranth.  Local kale, gerberas, amaranth, stock, local hydrangea and eucalyptus.  Guess what time of year it was... Photos by Cara Mia Photography.
In green and Health, G&G

Floral Display Donation for the UC Botanical Gardens Gala

A Festive and Fruitful Event

I don't want to spoil it by posting some not-so-great photos of the event, so I'll stick to some of the floral displays I created in this post.  But, I promise to follow up with some of the photographer's great photos of the event in the coming weeks, if I can sneak away with some. The Green Gala at the UC Botanical Gardens took place June 28th.  The day was magical and not only were the people fun and the fashion show spectacular, it was also a great fundraiser for the UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens!  I donated my time and materials, as did many other vendors and artists: organic and sustainable catering from Amiee Alan Catering, Cara Mia Photography, organic wine from Quivira Vineyards and Winery, some great live musicians and the many local fashion designers who showed their creations. I was in charge of decorating the fashion show and auction area, in the Redwood Grove Amphitheater.  So I decided to include elements from the gardens themselves as well as the fashion presented in the  show.  For some beautiful shots of the clothes and models in the show, do check out Cara Gardner's blog (the photographer). I asked designers to send me scraps if they could manage, and ended up with one large piece of handmade felted wool.  Considering that it was summer, I was a little stunned at first.  But, then the idea came to me.  Why not run with the natural flavor of the material and the forest feel from the Redwood Grove, and make small nymph or hobbit satchels, just big enough to hold a few flowers?  So I hand stitched the satchels together using multi-colored yarn and some of my own recycled material scraps from SCRAP (a wonderful place for the recycled and sustainable artist, or anyone with a creative streak).  I must have made 15 different small wool bags, all in various shapes.  I tied them around posts, stairways and redwood trees and filled them to the brim with locally grown, home-grown and organic garden roses, hydgrangea, fern, dahlias and irises.  Here are some of them: gg hydrange satchel gg redwood satchel gg dahlia satchel gg stiches satchel

Here you can see the thick texture and natural feel of the fabric as well as the hand stitches I made on the ties.  Those are actually scraps of material from some curtains I used to have.


Here is one of a couple larger bouquets I made for the sides of the space.  I used some gorgeous fern that actually came from the gardens themselves.  And tied some recycled cloths around the vases to add some bright color to the scene.

bamboo ties

Here is another arrangement I made adding some bamboo, living and dried, to emphasize some structural art that a local artist created for the garden space.  Her art was amazing, and I wish I had a good photo.  Maybe next post.  This photo isn't great either, but I hope to show you more pics when I get them.

The food was great, the wine was so yummy, the fashion was really creative and at times so beautiful and nymph-like.  The location was absolutely stunning.  Next year you'll have to check it out!  Green Gala

In Green, and Raising Green for worthy causes,


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