Roses for local seniors in older folks homes

Brightening the day for local seniors and myself

A few weeks ago I donated some small rose bouquets to seniors living at a local senior center in Berkeley.  I asked to go around to the individual elders who were living there, and hand them the rose bouquets personally.  So many of them appreciated the token of beauty. I wish our culture interacted with elders more on a daily basis.  It made me feel great to be able to offer such a small gift and brighten up their day.  I know that I will do my best to spend more moments thinking of and honoring the elders who live in our communities.  It brightened my day too!

roses for local seniors at a senior home

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March 13, 2012 by Pilar Zuniga

Sustainable Arrangements for the Green Festival

For the Green Festival this past weekend in San Francisco, I (Gorgeous and Green Events) donated some large arrangements for their speaker stages.  I used all locally grown flowers and branches, glass vases and no floral foam.  I also did the deliveries in our recycled bio-diesel wagon.  I think the pieces were enjoyed by the crowds because when I came back to pick up (and reuse) the vases, people were asking to take the flowers home to reuse as decor in their homes. Here are two large arrangements that were about 6 feet tall.  I loved the lichen growing on the branches.


I used amaranth, large roses, spray roses, vintage pink and purple hydrangea, white delphinium, curly willow and tree branches. In Green and Health, G&G
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