branchy and wild arrangement for local farm to table restaurant in Berkeley by Gorgeous and Green

Bushy arrangements at Origen by G&G

Last week Gorgeous and Green provided some bushy arrangements for the local Farm to Fork restaurant, Origen.  Local and branchy, it was a nice change from our usual, more sculpted and linear arrangements.

branchy organic arrangement for Berkeley Restaurant by Gorgeous and Green

Large bushy arrangement for local farm to table restaurant by Gorgeous and Green

In Green and Health, G&G

Calla and artichoke restaurant arrangement by Gorgeous and Green

G&G decor at Origen in April

I would like to continue sharing what Gorgeous and Green does at Origen restaurant in Berkeley, so here are a few more pics from my phone.  This week I tried to incorporate the local white calla lilies, that we've been getting from a local organic grower in Oakland, lovely local blooming camelia branches and some ornamental artichokes, since it is a restaurant! Here are two arrangements, one for the bar and a larger more branchy one for the main dining room:

calla and artichoke arrangement for local farm to table restaurant in Berkeley

Large dining room arrangement for local restaurant in Berkeley by Gorgeous and Green

Sorry it's a little fuzzy!

In Green and Local Beauty,

Gorgeous and Green

Bar arrangement with fun branches by Gorgeous and Green

Sustainable Arrangements at Origen in Berkeley

I have decided to start blogging again about the creative arrangements we create for local businesses and corporate offices.  Here's a look at two arrangements that Gorgeous and Green provided for Origen, a local sustainable farm to fork restaurant in Berkeley that just opened last fall.  We love partnering with local green and sustainable businesses, and appreciate the support when local businesses ask us to provide decor and designs for their business needs.

Here's the large arrangement we created for the main dining room.  We love including locally grown flowers and produce and try to use organic when possible.  Check out the pop of yellow from the lemons...

large restaurant dining room arrangement by Gorgeous and Green

And here's a smaller arrangement for the bar that also has the lovely blooming branches, flowering kale and lemons as well as some pops or orange

Welcome arrangement with citrus by Gorgeous and Green

In Green, Local Business and Health,


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