more of the bouquet and boutonniere

I was able to get more pics from the photographer Michelle Beckwith for the lovely DIY wedding at Stern Grove in San Francisco last year.  Here are some close-up shots of the bouquet and the boutonniere  Gorgeous and Green made for the bride and groom.  The closeup with the bride and her bouquet is just gorgeous. The dahlias and callas were locally grown as were the succulent rosettes, straight from Oakland.  Lovely. In green and health, G&G

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A chocolate and peach fall wedding

I love the fall months when chocolate cosmos are locally available in the Bay Area.  Although they are not really "brown", they are as close as you can get,  so it's a real treat when the color scheme includes brown.  Check out these great pics from a wedding I did last month where I got to include these dainty flowers as well as some locally grown peach roses and white callas.  I used biodegradable cotton sateen ribbons and no floral foam of course! Jenna and Cody

The bride and groom were so pleasant to work with, and really excited about their big day!

The Bridal party peach and brown

Here the bride and bridesmaids are looking so cheerful.  I love those long brown bridesmaid dresses.

chocolate brown cosmos and peach bouquet

I couldn't decide which peach was better, the more orang-y peach or pink-y peach, so I added a little of both as well as some really light peach-ish white roses.

peach brown cake

Here's the cake, that had cream frosting that went perfectly well with my peachish white roses.  There's the extra boutonniere and throw bouquet I made for the bride and groom... boutonnieres rarely make it through a full wedding and reception full of congratulatory hugs.


The bride and groom were married at a quaint vineyard in Livermore: Deer Ridge Vineyards.  The Photography was done by


In Local Green, G&G
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