Vintage chair with mossy and dramatic bridal bouquet by Gorgeous and Green

A Mossy Crimson Wedding by Gorgeous and Green

Gorgeous and Green had a wedding this summer that featured bright mossy greens and dark reds, burgundy and crimson.  The brightness of that lichen green against the crimson and burgundy was so wonderful.  The bride requested a mossy feel for the boutonnieres, and so I used some sustainably grown mossy green dianthus. Photos by Nima Salimi

The Mossy and crimson Bridal Bouquet by Gorgeous and Green

bridal bouquet for a mossy crimson wedding by Gorgeous and Green

The bridal bouquet

bridesmaids and their bouquets for a wedding in Calistoga by Gorgeous and Green

The bridesmaids and their bouquets

mossy boutonnieres by Gorgeous and Green for a Calistoga Wedding

and the mossy boutonnieres

The Bride and her bridesmaids, wedding flowers by Gorgeous and Green

Very fun. In sustainable beauty, G&G
small bridal bouquet with grevillia by Gorgeous and Green

A unique Coral and Peach bouquet by Gorgeous and Green

This summer I provided some floral pieces for a local wedding using local and organically grown flowers and blooms. Here is a picture of the beautiful bridal bouquet featuring local/organic grevillia from Oakland, local dahlias and local garden roses in peaches, coral, gold and brown tones. Romantic, interesting textures and beautiful!

grevillia bouquet by Gorgeous and Green


local grown in Boise and foraged arrangement for a memorial by Gorgeous and Green

Flowers I collected in Boise

A few months ago I ventured to Boise, Idaho for a memorial service for a special member of my husband's family.  I offered to help provide floral decor for the service and reception.  Since my husband, my mother in law and myself are  local and organic enthusiasts....  and in keeping with my business ethic from Gorgeous and Green, I collected flowers from a few local friends' gardens in Boise.

Me, Pilar Zuniga foraging for blooms and foliage in a friend's garden in Boise

My mother in law has a friend who has a beautiful garden in her back yard featuring low-water plants and edibles.  

Boise garden where Gorgeous and Green foraged for arrangements

Boise Garden with amazing local grown blooms and foliage for cutting by Gorgeous and Green

She also has a giant dog, who is also fond of the beautiful garden.

Giant dog and gardener is Boise who let me forage for flowers

From her garden I collected onion flowers, grasses, yarrow, beards, chamomile and sweet peas.   We were also allowed to collect and take home tons of fresh raspberries from her vines.  Lovely.

fun garden design in Boise, keeping away the birds

wild raspberry I foraged in Boise for an event

It was super hot there, so the local roses in her neighbor's yard were few, but I managed to sneek a few in along with some day lilies.  Here are the finished arrangements:  (no floral foam in any of these of course)

small arrangement by Gorgeous and Green for a memorial using Boise grown foliage and blooms

arrangement of local grown Boise Idaho flowers and foraged foliage by Gorgeous and Green

Local grown and foraged flowers in Boise for a memorial

Memorial services are bittersweet, and although there is a lot of sadness, it was a beautiful time to get together with family and friends and offer support.

In Green and Local Beauty, G&G

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