The Gorgeous and Green Studio and the dogs

Welcome! Here's the backstory...

Gorgeous and Green was created back in 2008, and the main tenet of the business was to be eco friendly and sustainable in as many ways as possible while making beautiful things. We have consistently undergone certification as a green business through Alameda County. We go above and beyond our green certifications and every decision is taken with the health of the environment and our community in mind. 

Our Sustainability includes the following: The flowers and foliage we select are local grown, and when available, are organic or non-sprayed as well.  We avoid plastics and chemicals, and try to dramatically reduce our waste. We enjoy supporting local growers and farms who are doing their best to continue to grow locally in the Bay Area. We deliver most small orders and gifts via our solar powered electric vehicle, to reduce Co2 emissions!

We started out as an event design firm, and took on mostly weddings and event design.  We had two brick and mortar sites in Berkeley, and have found our way back to being a studio florist in Oakland, CA. We continue to take joy and pride in the offerings we currently provide:

Recently, Gorgeous and Green was named a Top 50 Wedding Florist in North America by Florist's Review Magazine, and a Mayesh Design Star!

We hope you enjoy what you find and please don't hesitate to contact us with questions.

Pilar Zuniga, Owner and Lead Designer

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