local grown colorful centerpieces for a Brazil Room wedding by Gorgeous and Green

Bright Local G&G Jewels at the Brazil Room

A few weeks ago Gorgeous and Green provided the bright and lovely floral decor for a wedding at the Brazil Room at Tilden Park in Berkeley.  The building there is beautifully set amongst rolling green hills, and the building is made with a lot of dark wood, so I wanted to keep the floral decor bright and colorful. The flowers were locally grown in half moon bay and Petaluma, and many were organically grown in Oakland too!  We used a lot of spring flowers including anemones, ranunculus, leptopermum, vibernum, icelandic poppies, scabiosa, callas and sweet peas. Below are a few pictures of the table designs, all taken from my phone, so I apologize ahead of time.  Although they aren't the best pics, they show the lovely colors!  I hope to post some of the photographer's pics on my blog as some point in the future, there was a lovely decorate Chuppah too, and many other details.

wild jewel tone bridal bouquet for a wedding at the Brazil Room by Gorgeous and Green

And the Bridal Bouquet (via phone camera)

small bathroom arrangement by Gorgeous and Green at the Brazil Room

The bathroom arrangement


Centerpieces for a wedding at the Brazil Room by Gorgeous and Green

Centerpiece by Gorgeous and Green at the Brazil Room

Table arrangements

turkeys by the Brazil Room

While we were there setting up the decor, we ran into a few turkeys: Gobbles and Green, G&G

Branches are a GREEN designers best friend

Branches are Blooming

The past few weeks you may have noticed something opening amongst the bare branches around you.  Yes, it's blossom and leave bursting time.  And those little blooms look so sweet and colorful, especially to a winterized eye.  So why not include them in your green floral design or event?  One of the perks of throwing a soiree during the late winter/early spring months is that these lovely blooming branches are available, and almost at no other time during the year, in this hemisphere at least.  So if you forgot to prune in the fall, give that blooming tree or bush or little help and trim a few of those beautiful branches.  Remember to leave some behind, so the tree can gain strength, reproduce and make energy with it's flowers and leaves. Here is a lovely large local green and white arrangement I created recently that includes dogwood, with cute and clever star flowers.  Very whimsical and hardy.   dogwood-branch In a larger arrangement like this one, I enjoy letting go and giving in to the feel of plenty and softness.   gggreenwhitelarge The branches balance it out and provide a nice amount of free air space that doesn't feel like I forgot a part.  I also love being able to include green goddess callas.   Branches are also wondrous when they include fruits, or fruits getting ready to ripen as in the case with these figs.   gggoldlilacbuddha They are such an interesting shape and the color is a nice bright green, so they add a real special touch to this arrangement with lilac and chrysanthemum.  The fig's large shape and smooth texture offsets the small petals from both flowers, and it doesn't hinder the effect of the gold and purple color combination. And, of course, the cherry blossom.  It is so lovely, it still hasn't grown old hat just yet.   ggcherrybranch This small and low arrangement is easy on the pocket book and on the environment if you make sure to use local products and glass containers (no plastic for Gorgeous and Green).  It's simple and requires less time to create, so it's a good option if you don't have a large budget or have a lot of tables/areas to decorate.  Here I added just a few pink and white ranunculus which are in season at the moment and blooming in my front yard.  I would definitely surround this centerpiece with votives or tea lights for an added bonus during an evening event. (All of these flowers are from local growers, and of course in the end, they go in the compost.  The glass containers are recycled or reused, and the earth is happy.) Remember compost and recycle what you can't reuse. This is a cheery welcome to spring, with all it's new colors and new growth.   Hopefully you can find a little of the same in your life. In Green and Health, G&G
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