“A Native American proverb suggests that all that we do today must be done with the next seven generations in mind.”

The mainstream floral and gift industries have many byproducts like pesticide pollution, dependence on plastics, underpaid labor, hazardous working conditions and excessive CO2 Emissions. Additionally, events are the producers of more waste and CO2 emissions. The average wedding emits 12-14 tons of CO2, more than a person emits in a full year.

Gorgeous and Green pledges to minimize these negative effects by amending our practices to become sustainable ones. This sustainability means using methods that we can afford to duplicate while reducing the negative effect on the environment and people around us. With a lot of creativity and research, we have been able to develop floral practices and offer gift products that allow us to do just that.

* We promise to never use floral foam
* We recycle everything we can
* We avoid plastic wrap and containers
* We will compost anything we can
* We use locally grown flowers
* We use organic when possible
* We will work with clients to reuse designs and materials
* We deliver by bike when possible
* We love reuse and vintage anything
* We support local farmers, artists and artisans
* We use recycled paper for everything
* We pay our staff a living wage

Gorgeous and Green wants to be mindful of not just how we leave our world for the next generation, but how we touch those people and places that were involved in the beauty we created today.