Some bouquet and centerpiece illustrations

I wasn't able to post earlier today and I have a feeling I'll be pretty busy tomorrow with the start of the SF Green Festival, so I'm doing an "in-between" post.  I promise I'll have some great green food for your soul next week. Here are some samples of illustrations I use with clients so they can see what flowers and ideas I want to use for their bouquets and boutonnieres, centerpieces, etc.  I like it because I can draw and email them my vision without having to waste flowers doing mock arrangements.  Another way I try to stay green with my business.

Michiko flowers ill

Floral decor for an Asian-inspired Wedding I did over the summer, if you follow my posts you  might recognize the real thing.

Meredith P sketches

Sketches from the centerpiece and bouquets for the Kensington Wedding over the summer.

Kelly bouquets and bouts

These are from the orange and brown wedding I did in September at the University Club.  I ended up not using callas, but a lot of dahlias and chocolate cosmos.

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