A Hot Chocolate Favor

So it's getting chilly at night these days.  The time has changed, the days are shorter, and you've probably switched to flannel sheets like we have.  I know, I live in California, but we still get cold here. If you're getting married this winter, you may be considering a winter theme.  Maybe you're just thinking about the comfort of your guests on a chilly winter night.  Whatever the case, why not help your guests get cozy after the affair with favors of organic and fair trade hot chocolate? I love hot chocolate, hot chocolate with marshmallows, even Mexican hot chocolate.  With a few cookies for dipping and a movie to watch, I'm set for the night. There are a few companies out there providing hot chocolate made with organic and (so very important) fair-trade cocoa, but one caught my eye because of their willingness to share with their cocoa growers: Deansbeans.com.  Now, their hot cocoa mix is not only well-intentioned, it's also very affordable.  Half of their profits are returned to the growers! Hot Cocoa small-1.JPG I'm not sure how it tastes, but I'm hoping to try it and get back to you.  Dean, if you're reading this, I'd love to taste a cup! The Gorgeous and Green Events wedding or party favor suggestion would be to find some small recycled paper bags and twist ties and measure out a serving of the mix for each guest.  Here I cut out some snowflakes from leftover white fabric I had and attached it to the front and used reused ribbons to accent. hot coco favor You could even go one step further and put it in a glass jar with some marshmallows so they can see the mouth-watering treat.  You could personalize it with a cute tag with your guest's name on one side and the cocoa directions on the other.  And don't forget to tell them it's not only organic, but fair-trade! In Chocolate and Health, G&G

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