We recently created some beautiful designs for a friend and local jewelry artist (who's wears we carry in the boutique).  Now, since she is a long-time friend and business contact, we created some really special items for her big event at the Panoramic Venue in the Berkeley Hills. We used all locally grown blooms, dahlias, succulents and garden roses, as well as lots of cool textures.

Beautiful bridal bouquet in coral and peach by Gorgeous and Green featuring local grown dahlias, succulents, garden roses, passion vine, olive, protea and other textures.

The abundant bridal bouquet with succulents, olive, passionvine, dahlias, eucalyptus and roses.

Simple boutonnieres featuring garden roses in a lovely coral color, and a succulent for the groom 

Coral rose boutonnieres with eucalyptus and olive and succulents.

In Green and Coral,


September 14, 2015 — Pilar Zuniga

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