Non-toxic and Biodegradable Floral Foam, Where are You?

I wrote a post a few months ago about the toxins found in floral foam and that it's essentially made of plastic that isn't biodegradable.  I've gotten so many hits on my blog about it, and yet, I still don't have much in the way of another option.  Until I dug up this information from Stanel Co, a bioplastics firm based in the United Kingdom.  Here is an informational pdf about a new bioplastic technology that can allow someone to make biodegradable floral foam made from plants: .   This new polymer: bioplastic 2189 is both biodegradable and compostable!  What a relief.  Can you imagine?  being able to throw the foam and the flowers into the compost bin? What's more, the bioplastic works in the same way as the fossil fuel plastic, so it can be switched out and used in the very same factories and machinery as the other stuff.   I can't wait to go order this foam... But wait, who's making it?   Well apparently one floral foam specialist company is using this polymer to make biodegradable funeral foams: .  They have wonderful foam shapes and molds, but I don't see any biodegradable options on their site.  I've contacted them and hope to find out what they have available! I will share any updates as soon as I can.  I would also urge you to write a letter or email to floral foam manufacturers suggesting they make a switch to nontoxic and biodegradable. Here's a couple of the top manufacturers: Smithers Oasis, Ultra Floral Foam. In the mean time, I totally avoid the stuff, and find creative and fun ways to display flowers without foam.  Take a look at how Gorgeous and Green tries to stay sustainable: G&G Services.  I know it means more work sometimes and possibly more cost, but to me it's worth it.  And it's worth it to a lot of customers to, not to mention to the planet. Check out these two designs from Gorgeous and Green Events that are totally floral foam free:

GG bouquet blue fuschia

GG fruit and veggie glass

Courtesy of     In Green and Health, G&G


Administrator said:

They don’t offer it, but I am sure they will at some point. They have a supposedly biodegradable version in the UK, for funeral arrangements, but they do not say that it’s non-hazardous and I don’t often trust the word, “biodegradable” since even plastic is eventually biodegradable, it just takes many millennia :)

I would just try to not use it and go for designs you can create without it.

Kaye Wood said:

Hello, Im a flower & plant designer myself and have been looking for biodegradable oasis. So if u find out where we can buy it, I’d be really grateful if you’d drop me a line

Therese Morgan said:

Hi there,
I have recently started a beginners Floral Design course in Devon, UK. Ive been wondering about floral foam and what it’s made from. After doing some research this morning I was at first a bit dismayed thinking "Oh dear, is the only source of “eco” foam in the USA?" However, having read on a bit further I am delighted to have discovered Val Spicer is on my doorstep! Wonderful! I intend to tell my tutor about it next week. So thank you for research – let’s hope news will spread quickly among florists.
Best wishes,
P.S. Love your designs

Administrator said:

It’s just a big clump of hydrangea tied together, I can’t really do full spherical designs, about 350 degrees and then a short stem.
Some designs are just not possible without floral foam, but once you get used to that it’s not a big deal!

Vanessa C said:

Can you give us some details as to how you arranged the floral sphere without using floral foam?

I am so keen to stop using it until there is a biodegradable option available. I am searching everywhere. Be great to know if anyone has had any success with this!

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