OK, so the oil spill is huge.  I think about it daily and it's upsetting that more people aren't outraged.  We need to start doing something besides complain.  If you can, stop driving your car, stop buying plastic, ask for paper containers, take your reusable containers to get take out, grow your own food, buy local, walk, etc. I just blogged about switching to natural and non-toxic candles, and avoiding paraffin candles (toxic and petroleum based) at The Knot's Green.weddings.com website.  Check it out.  In case you didn't know, paraffin wax (which is found in many things besides just candles) is not only linked to that oil spill in the gulf and elsewhere, but is also toxic. Take a look at these disturbing pics if you need more reason to take action! Between the thick oil on the beaches, water and marshes to the dead and dying animals covered in oil, any human with a heart would see that we all need to take action.  It's our fault after all.  Only we are the ones on this planet so hungry for the nasty stuff and so unwilling to make a switch to more healthy and sustainable options.  It's rotting out our soul and soon our earth. G&G

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