Event Centerpiece, small event order ($1500 minimum)

$ 90.00
Proveedor gorgeous and green


Table Centerpiece for weddings, memorials, birthdays, work parties, conferences and other events. Local blooms and greens configured in a natural and mostly rounded arrangement with flowing lines and supportive textures. 360 degree view, so perfect for the middle of a table. Arranged in a glass vase, metal urn or muted ceramic vase, size and quality of vase dependent on budget. We will Contact you via email to request up to 3 pics and color suggestions.

$90 little  great for narrow tables or a 4 top table  

$120 smaller medium sized, beautiful, great for smaller sized table or narrow table

$150 medium with more impact, good for a round table, a little more airy and flowing lines

$185: nice impact, larger size, great size for a round table, a bit more budget for unique blooms and heavier use of blooms

$225: large arrangement with even more budget for full bloom impact or unique branches/foliage, perfect for a round table, enough budget for a nice container 

$300: abundantly large sized arrangement, with higher priced blooms and deeper impact, specialty blooms, spillage onto table, etc.

$350: xlarge, a very full and lush large sized arrangement for very bountiful looks or large scale table decor with multiple items on the table

$400: fancy fancy, higher priced blooms and materials, high priced container, large scale arrangement for height or breadth down table 

Orders should be placed at least 2 weeks from event date. Orders placed less than 2 weeks from event date may need to be reviewed before we can confirm our availability to provide services.

Please inquire about your date before ordering: shop@gorgeousandgreen.com

Orders should be placed at least 2 weeks from event date.

Once the order is placed on the webstore, you will receive an email receipt. After that, we will contact you personally via email to request any pics (up to 3) for muse, the date of pickup and your color suggestions. Once we email you to get details and setup the pickup date and time, we will then confirm the order. After the order is completed, no refunds will be given. This order is for a pickup from the Studio in Oakland. We cannot guarantee delivery, however, please let us know when we email if you might need a dropoff to a Bay Area location and we will see if we can schedule it and quote you a price for dropoff.