Last Fall in Oakland

Last Fall in Oakland

Small Fall Pandemic Wedding in 2020 was not just sweet but gloriously beautiful and heartfelt with jewel tone drama and lively floral design.
22 julio 2021
Tropical mixed with soft and lush blooms for an super colorful and spectacular wedding at the Marin Headlands by Gorgeous and Green

Tropical mixed with soft and lush blooms for an super colorful and spectacular wedding at the Marin Headlands by Gorgeous and Green

My favorite wedding to design for: 

1. Lush and full of greens

2. Colorful

3. A bit of tropical weirdness mixed with lots of local grown and seasonal blooms, all designed without floral foam.

11 marzo 2020

First week of June at Revival

Here's Gorgeous and Green's arrangements for Revival in Berkeley this week.  I got a hold of some great branches and hot pink leptospermum.  I love hot fuchsia pink with orange...
04 junio 2011

Blue, white and brown

Here are a few shots from a wedding I did in Sunol a few months back.  Local flowers of course.  The shots are from Anna Woerman G&G
01 junio 2010

Using Fruit

So, there are a lot of ways to go green and to get gorgeous results, but one method that I recently used for a Gorgeous and Green Wedding was using...
13 mayo 2010

Going Vintage

I just did a quick blog on the website for the Knot, and mentioned that it's super green to go vintage.  Not only are you keeping lovely items from...
06 marzo 2010

Opening a sustainable retail shop

Hi all, I've been busy.  I haven't been posting regularly because I've been working on opening up a retail shop in Berkeley!  I plan to keep you updated on the...
21 enero 2010

A short blog and pic

HI all, I've been on mental vacation for about two weeks now, so I think I need a real one.   Sorry I haven't been posting as regularly, I hope to...
21 diciembre 2009

The Green details of a Green Wedding

More green in a Summer Wedding Over the summer I worked with Meredith and Ben on their outside wedding at a local community center.  I just recently posted some great...
08 diciembre 2009

Green Wedding Registry from The Knot's Green website

A Re-Share of Some Green Registry Tips I posted a blog on The Knot's green wedding website a few weeks ago about greening your wedding registry.  I think that it's...
02 diciembre 2009

More Green Stuff from my Knot guest blog

Guest Blogging for The Knot's Green Wedding Blog Here's an excerpt from my first post on that blog and some great pics: The Knot's Green Wedding Blog From the looks...
01 diciembre 2009

A Bay Area Certified Green Business

Gorgeous and Green Events is a certified green business! It took a few months, well quite a few, mostly because I've been so busy.  But we're certified.  I hope to...
19 noviembre 2009