More succulents and dahlias for a Bay Area wedding by Gorgeous and Green!  Here's a few pics from a wedding last weekend, here in Martinez CA at Briones park.


crespedia boutonnieres and corsages by Gorgeous and Green

The boutonnieres and corsages were wrapped with twine and all the groomsmen got cute little crespedia.


Various bridesmaid bouquets for a local East Bay Wedding by Gorgeous and Green

The bridesmaids all got slightly different bouquets with local dahlias, local roses, local belladonna, etc.  The colors matched their dresses which were a floral pattern with burgundy, yellow, orange, grey, brown and blue just like the bouquets. Overall, the wedding was very local and actually very DIY.  The bride ordered a large order of flowers at a discount and with her bridesmaids, created aisle and table arrangements in mason jars. 

succulent and jeweltone bridal bouquet by Gorgeous and Green

The bouquet is a lovely combination of local non-sprayed dahlias, local non-sprayed succulents wrapped in burlap.  The bride gave me some lace to use to wrap with the burlap to match her lovely gown.

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Blog by Pilar Zuniga, owner of Gorgeous and Green,  a sustainable florist and online boutique featuring gifts and florals for local bike delivery to Berkeley, Oakland and Emeryville.  Pilar specializes in using locally grown and sustainably grown flowers, foliage and greens in floral designs for small and large weddings, corporate and other events, restaurants, offices as well as gift and home use. The Gorgeous and Green online store includes an array of local and sustainable gifts, recycled jewelry, paper free cards and local grown and or organic flowers when available.

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