Recently I was approached by Ceremony magazine to do a tabletop design for their new Bay Area magazine.  They have a beautiful wedding magazine in southern California, and are launching one up here. Gorgeous and Green finally fit the shoot into our busy schedule and were able to make something happen this week!  Here are some sneak peak shots of the table decor my assistant Ryan and I came up with.

I collect a lot of vintage glass and items, both for the boutique and for my personal use.  I am also a big fan of the show Madmen, so as you can imagine, the two mingled together to form this table design.  Not only was it super cute, but very green.  Local and unsprayed flowers and greens.  Even my vintage purse made it into the picture!

Using vintage luggage in muted jewel and primary colors as well as a lot of vintage glassware, the scheme came out very mad men-esque and playful.

I even included a vintage typewriter and some cigars that I asked Ryan to make especially for the shoot.  They are just for looks of course.

We tried to maintain a style and design that would have fit in with the time period, the early 60's.  We didn't want to get too modern, so the arrangements themselves were fairly simple and monochromatic.  And although they may have a rounded floral foam look, they definitely lack it, since we never use it. I couldn't help but include some more modern flowers like flowering kale and airplants.  The colors were also kept to a muted tone, not overly flashy and more a signature of the glassware that was used during that time, ruby and dark red, butter and egg-yolk yellow, forest and emerald green. Anyway, we had a lot of fun and look forward to the pics in the new magazine. In green and health, G&G
10 septiembre 2011 — 98422949

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