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Grow Things Gift Basket (formerly the Plant Connoisseur)

A lovely collection of items for the Green Thumb with a touch of love

This could work for anyone who would enjoy:

1 lovely potted plant 1-box of Plant Postcards from Maria Schoettler 1-bag of organic tea from River Birch 1-Etta and Billie Lotion or Body Wash 1-soy candle or Room Diffuser 1-reusable basket 1-green surprise

*Deluxe comes with 2 plants

*All of it comes with 2 plants and an additional hand tied bouquet of fresh flowers

Deliveries can be made Fridays in the East Bay by bike. 

Bike Delivery/Carbon Neutral/Electric Car delivery is available for an additional delivery fee. We don't deliver holidays, so if the bank is closed, so are we! Delivery available to Berkeley, Oakland and Emeryville. If it's north of Solano Ave, south of Park Ave in Oakland or in the hills of Berkeley or Oakland, delivery is $30 or more to cover the extra time to get to those places. Otherwise, delivery is $18.  The Zip codes are listed for the zones to make it easier at checkout.

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