Sustainable Flower School FOR FLORISTS

$ 4,500.00
By g&g

Sustainable Flower School

The Sustainable Flower School is for aspiring florists with no prior floral experience and floral designers looking to be more sustainable in their practice and wanting more artistry and creativity in their designs.

Taught by Pilar Zuniga, the owner and lead designer at Gorgeous and Green, this will be a download of everything she has learned and developed over the past 14 years of having a sustainable flower shops, designing large scale events and weddings that use local and sustainable materials/methods, lessons she’s learned offering local and sustainable flower delivery and even setting up her cutting and growing gardens.

Gorgeous and Green's Sustainable Flower School starts in 2023! Register for a single one-one-one session or a full series of 5 sessions of your choosing from the options below. We will schedule the session(s) based on your availability starting in 2023.

All sessions will take place at the Gorgeous and Green Studio and outdoor garden or at the indoor photo and film studio of Mama Dog Studios. Price includes the one on one lesson with Pilar, all materials and tools needed as well as a light meal (because they are long sessions!) Professional photos of your work may be provided. 

#1 The first  installment will cover personal wedding flowers. We will include the following lessons and practice in our session: 

-sourcing local grown and sustainably grown flowers and foliage

-intro to growing your own items

-bridal bouquet practice, the spiral hand tied and architecture

-boutonnières and corsages using less waste

-hair crowns and hair picees using by less waste

 (This session will take between 4-5 hours)

-#2 The second installment will cover table decor and we will cover the following lessons and practice:

-seasonality and weddings/events


-low designs without foam

-airy designs with frogs and supports

-sustainable table scapes

 (This session will take aproximately 4 hours)

#3 The third installment will cover large installs and business practices and will include the following lessons and practices:

-sustainable business practices for the studio florist and flower shop

-budgets for weddings and events that include the real cost of sustainable designs

-foam free arch

-fixed installations for tables, aisles and other locations


#4 The fourth installment will include lessons and practice for more install work and garlands and will include:

-translating flower desires into attainable sustainable designs for large events

-foam free hanging installations

-garland work without foam or plastics

(This session will take between 4-5 hours)


#5 The fifth installment will target the flower shop. And will include the following lessons and practice:

-budgets, pricing and profit for the sustainable flower shop

-marketing sustainability

-eco friendly flower shop procedures (if you already have a shop, we will include a site visit to your shop to audit your sustainable methods and provide ideas for new methods)

-fast and sustainable floral design for walk in clients

-delivered vase arrangements without foam or plastic

-affordable and sustainable flower designs 

 (This session will take between 3-5 hours)


#6 The sixth installment will cover memorial flowers and will include lessons and practices on the following:

-marketing sustainable memorial flowers

-wreath arrangements and easel memorial arrangements 

-compostable casket arrangements

-alternative options for memorials

(This session will take 3-4 hours)


#7 The 7th installment will cover planning and growing a cutting garden for your business needs and will include:

-a visit to Pilar’s studio and home cutting garden

-overview of planning out and creating a garden from scratch

-how seasonality and event needs play into your growing season, flower and plant choices

-hands on seeding and container planting 

-development of a personal planting plan for your use

(This session will take between 3-4 hours)


*Additional Group sessions are on the horizon, so keep your eyes peeled in 2023\2024