Beautiful vintage and overgrown Bridal Bouquet by Gorgeous and Green

This summer I created one of my favorite bridal bouquets for Brian and Emily who got hitched at the Oakland Nature Friends in the Oakland hills.  Full of redwoods, ferns, flowers  and beautiful views, it was a spectacular day. Take a look:  

Emily and Bryan Nature Friends wedding in Oakland featuring Gorgeous and Green florals

Wedding at Oakland Nature Friends in Oakland, Calif.

bridal bouquets, boutonnieres by Gorgeous and Green at Oakland Nature Friends

Florals by Gorgeous and Green. Photos by Alison Yin Photography

Bridal bouquet by Gorgeous and Green at Oakland Nature Friends

Wedding of Emily Warming and Bryan Clarkson

Oakland Nature Friends Oakland hills wedding

Oakland Nature Friends in Oakland, Calif. 

Oakland Hills wedding at sunset, photo by alison yin

  All photos by Alison Yin Photography location: Oakland Nature Friends Florals: Gorgeous and Green  


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