The universe works in mysterious ways.  Just a few weeks ago I was feeling overwhelmed by the constant movement of my work life and regret due to the lack of follow-thru I've had moving on my creative ideas.  It's hard running multiple businesses (I also own and manage and I am a creative person first, and businesswoman second, so why did the creative take a back seat?

Learn to get in touch with your creative intuition to create art fueled by color and texture like this flower arrangement by Gorgeous and Green

Fast forward to the age of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and I am house bound for the next three weeks.  My business is halted and has been for the past week (aka canceled events and workshops, canceled weddings, no deliveries) and after about 36 hours of worry and concern, calling banks, looking at statements, making plans for a whole lot of debt, and accepting that this is what is going to happen, I am now facing the moment.  I am home.  I am in charge of my schedule. I am in charge of my life and my business and my creativity.

So I started following up on those ideas.  I decided to dedicate some of my days working on those dreams and plans. All the lists of household projects, new business ideas and inspiration for projects I saw on IG or Youtube or wherever.  And I'm also listening to the news, getting equal doses of fear and contempt for the system and the virus and our economy, and once again, I feel my stress rise.  How do I do it all? I need to do so much, there is so much debt, bills to be paid, uncertainty, there is also so much opportunity, so much creativity I want to get out, for a moment it all feels overwhelming again.  Maybe even more so.

So how do we make it through? Maybe I need to listen to my inner self. I need to connect to my creative intuition and hear her out. She is the strongest by far. She can make it through. She has gotten me to where I am now.  My long list of projects may happen right away or they might not happen at all but if I truly listen to the creative person inside of me, she will lead me in the right direction.  She will add the fuel needed to get the things that matter done. And even the things that don't matter, but that I need. She will know when I need a nap, when I don't need to send that email and when I should just rant on and on in my blog post...

So, how do I connect to this creative intuition?  I give myself the space; the calm. I take deep breaths. I go outside. I empty my mind. I sit in the sun. I release the to do list. I listen for her.  What does she need right now? What is she craving? And then I right down those things. I think of what makes me/her feel good.  I write those things down. I stop comparing myself to others. I take note of that.  I give up the need for total control. I release the pressure.  I decide to make something with my hands.  I go out in the garden and cut some blooms.  And I decide to make something. 

I will be making something for you tomorrow on IG after a short meditation and reconnection to our creative selves, so we can all connect to this person inside of us.  They are the ones grounded to nature and will help us find our way.  

sheers and cut flowers from a floral installation by Gorgeous and Green in her clawfoot bathtub

Join me tomorrow for a live stream of my creative process at 10am PST or 2pm PST.  We will meditate, breathe, connect and make beauty with our hands or watch beauty with our eyes.  I know we will all feel better afterward, and maybe even more clear about what we are all doing here.  We may even have better intuition about what the next step is, or how to best use our time. 

I will record this flower design time and hope to post it again on IG and Youtube after tomorrow, so you can come back to this when the time is right. I'll link it here when the video goes up.

See you tomorrow, March 18th at 10am PST and 2pm PST on my IG


(Gorgeous and Green)

Closeup of some flowers in a model's hair during a bathtub floral photo shoot at Pilar Zuniga's home in Oakland

2nd and 3rd photos of some creative intuition I followed in decorating my bathtub with florals for a photo shoot.  One of the most beautiful and inspiring things I've done, and all because I listened.  photos by @nautiluslens



17 marzo 2020 — Pilar Zuniga

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