The ABC's of finding your seat

When it comes to events with sit down breakfast, lunch or dinner, I love the idea of the seating card and finding a way to present the cards in a way that is fun and exciting.  I have many ideas in my head, but one that I can always lean back on is hanging cards from branches.  Not only does it add a festive element, it's clearly natural and biodegradable and lends an organic design element to your design.  To make it even more green, don't forget to use organic flowers (like those shown in the pictures) and use recycled paper or tree-free paper if possible.  I also used hemp cord to hang the cards on the branches. I recently saw some paper at a craft store that I just had to use to make table seating cards with.  The paper is a vintage alphabet design, with a short sentence featuring a word beginning with the letter of the alphabet that's being shown in the picture.  It kind of reminds me of those Dick and Jane cartoons.  Anyway, take a look at how I used the alphabet for people's last names, so they know where to find their seating card. gg-alphabet-table-cards   Here are some up close pics of the design (provided by Cavallini Paper Co. a paper company right here in the Bay Area):   gg-b-table-cards1 gg-d-table-cards1   gg-a-table-cards2 Enjoy! In Green and Health, G&G

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