Sunflower wedding at the Hotel Shattuck and Berkeley Botanical Garden by Gorgeous and Green

Summer is a big time for weddings.  It's bright and the sun is out.  We usually have warmer weather and people are feeling good. Last summer we had a feel good wedding at the UC Botanical Garden and Hotel Shattuck featuring beautiful blooms  The bride was very easy to please, especially if there were sunflowers involved. So we included lots of beautiful sunflower blooms and lots of blue, purple and green floral accents. Here are a few pics of the designs we created for the event, and the lovely wedding goers who seemed to be just as bright as the flowers.

Gorgeous and Green's sunflower garland for ceremony at UC Berkeley Botanical Garden

A beautiful sunflower and blooms garland we made for the ceremony space
lineup on the stairs of the bridesmaids and their bouquets by Gorgeous and Green at the Berkeley Botanical Garden
beautiful lineup of the bridesmaids
bridesmaid bouquet lineup by Gorgeous and Green at the Hotel Shattuck in Berkeley
a  lineup of the beautiful and bright bouquets
the Redwood Grove at UC Berkeley Botanical Garden flowers by Gorgeous and Green
the redwood grove is a wonderful setting
colorful centerpiece with sunflowers by Gorgeous and Green at Hotel Shattuck
a bright centerpiece
The wedding couple in the Redwood Grove flowers by Gorgeous and Green
We are always happy to make our clients happy!
The bride and her bouquets by Gorgeous and Green
Cheers to staying local, green and bright,

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