New Age Floral, Sponsor Highlight
The Sustainable Flower School is proud to announce that we are supported by in-kind sponsors who provide the school with some of the materials and tools students need to learn how to design in a more sustainable and eco-friendly manner. This support allows us to offer scholarships to students for each course. 
The Sustainable Flower School Logo
The first sponsor we'd like to highlight is New Age Floral, a distributor of sustainable and eco friendly florist sundries, tools, structural support and hydration support (like the oshun pouch, water sleeve and agrawool brick).
New Age Floral The Sustainable Flower School Sponsor logo
The New Age mission and vision is "to leave only footprints. To help you mimic nature by borrowing her bounty and returning it to the earth so it can regenerate into materials that our descendants will appreciate and use responsibly."
Students gathering product and flowers for the Vase segment of The Sustainable Flower School

We at Gorgeous and Green have been purchasing from New Age for some time and love their products, and quick turnaround. 

All students who go to The Sustainable Flower School sessions receive a starter kit from New Age Floral, the ability to practice with the product during the session and a discount on future purchases. 

As we strive to reduce our waste, reduce plastic usage, reduce micro plastics and avoid harmful chemicals the products that New Age Floral sells are a refreshing support in our efforts.  

The sponsor support we receive from New Age Floral and our other sponsors allows the school to offer partial and full scholarships to students for each course provided.

Please reach out to us ( if you are interested in sponsoring this work of educating the community of florists! Both In-Kind and financial awards are accepted and appreciated!

Pilar Zuniga teaching students how to use foam free mechanics including oshun pouches and agrawool bricks from New Age Floral
Pilar demonstrating how to use an oshun pouch in a low vessel to mimic a meadow arrangement.
Lovely flowers and foliage for the The Sustainable Flower School in Oakland CA
A collection of beautiful flowers and textures for students to choose from during the Vase course of The Sustainable Flower School
Student working on Oshun pouch meadow arrangement at The Sustainable Flower School

 Photos by Sen Creative

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