Did I ever mention that I was a hero? No cape needed for this hero.  Just continuing to fight to be as sustainable as I can while making beautiful things.

Check out this little bitty about me from Energy Upgrade California. Link Here.

They took some nice photos too!


Pilar Zuniga, Energy Upgrade Hero Eco Floral Designer

Here's a little excerpt from the online story:

"While many florists have a green thumb, they don’t have a green footprint. This irony wasn’t lost on Pilar Zuniga, so she started Gorgeous and Green in Oakland, California, to change that.

Is it true that your wedding inspired you to start Gorgeous and Green?

Yes, when I was planning my wedding many years ago, there weren’t a lot of options to be more eco-friendly and sustainable in the floral industry. Unfortunately, a lot of florists are not being energy efficient. A lot of them have flowers shipped in from all over, but we live in California—a lot of flowers can be sourced locally or you can change your offerings seasonally.

Is it easy to save energy as a florist? How do you do it?

We’re an Alameda County Certified Green Business, so we do a lot. We use only recycled paper, partner with a bike cooperative (all our deliveries are by bicycle), and grow all our flowers locally—those are some big things. Our studio has three big doors that I open to keep it cool instead of using an air conditioner. It also has these great chandeliers that have over 120 bulbs that I switched out for LEDs."

See the rest of the article here.

Pilar Zuniga of Gorgeous and Green is an Energy Upgrade Hero

Fighting the good fight!


25 febrero 2020 — Pilar Zuniga

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