This past weekend the rain stopped.  And we took the dogs to our local beach in Emeryville/Berkeley.  We love it, since it's only a few minutes away and the dogs love it too.

Emeryville Beach great short walk for dogs

Unfortunately, I found a large glob of floral foam there. It's sad.  It is full of yucky toxic chemicals and not only is it not biodegradable, but those yucky chemicals pollute the water and the air around it.  It's unfair to the fish, humans, amoebas, birds, sea lions and crabs that may have come into contact with it. Please don't use floral foam.  It's not worth it.  There are many other ways to make and find beauty that are more sustainable....

floral foam found washed up on the Emeryville Beach

Gorgeous and Green

23 marzo 2012 — Pilar Zuniga


Holly Owen dijo:

Thank you for posting this. The information helped me figure out what to do with some floral foam I used for a project I did with my daughter. Had I known what a horrible substance it was, I would have opted for something else. I will pass on the information to my friends as well.

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