Day of the Dead altar at Gorgeous and Green

Greetings! I wanted to share some nice pictures of some of the fun we had at Gorgeous and Green this week in preparation for Dia de los Muertos tomorrow.

Day of the Dead face painting my me at Gorgeous and Green

Sugar SKull decorating

Sugar Skull decorating at Gorgeous and Green


I also wanted to let people know that we will be closed tomorrow, November 2nd 2011, in solidarity with the Occupy Oakland General Strike.  I invite people to join in the strike. Here are a few pics of the celebratory art and altars:

day of the dead altar at Gorgeous and Green


Sugar skull art sweet breads and biographies of people of importance who have passed

In Green, Beauty, Health and a Better Tomorrow, Gorgeous and Green

noviembre 01, 2011 by Pilar Zuniga

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