This summer I did a last minute LARGE wedding at the Pauley Ballroom on the UC Berkeley campus.  There were 26 or so tables, each with their own tall trumpet vases filled with a flowing arrangement at the top.  We at Gorgeous and Green were busy getting all those flowers cleaned and arranged! As you may already know, I never use floral foam, so figuring out how to get these huge arrangements to work and look beautiful, took some experimentation, but alas, I did it.  And all with two weeks two plan and execute.

trumpet style vases with tall centerpieces for a Cal Wedding by Gorgeous and Green

The arrangements were classic bouquets of lilies, roses and hydrangea with flowing orchids and ivy.  I also did some lovely wedding party bouquets and boutonnieres, but alas don't have any pics on my phone of those.

Large trumpet centerpieces without floral foam, by Gorgeous and Green

trumpet vase centerpieces at Cal by Gorgeous and Green

  GO Cal! (my alma mater) G&G


Administrator dijo:

well, first off, I never went to Floral design school to learn, so everything I do is based on what works with the tools I have. I tie, use branches, wire, frogs, vases that allow me to create. Partly, you have to give up some of the designs that are promoted by floral foam manufacturers, but that’s ok. There is a lot of beauty to be had without that stuff.
The tall vases are just short arrangements in a super tall vase filled with water. I also don’t use that jelly stuff. Let’s keep it as natural as possible!

Bethany Karn dijo:

Hey! I’m so glad I found your website! I am a floral designer outside of Washington DC and I have been trying for years to get the owner to stop using floral foam. She is quite reluctant, sadly, and maintains it would be impossible to wedding centerpieces without it – which is why I am so happy to see that gorgeous tall cylinder vase arrangements. Can you tell me what you did? Is there a vase inside the cylinder? Please spill some of your trade secrets so I can start changing things around here! thanks!

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