The Spring Virtual Workshop 4/23

$ 195.00


The Spring edition of our Seasonal Workshop series!

These workshops will be virtual!

Winter's Workshop will take place on zoom at 11:30am to 1pm pst on Saturday April 23rd

We will deliver the materials to the recipient the day before the workshop (local San Francisco, San Mateo, Alameda County, Orinda, Moraga and Marin County Residents Only) and email you directions and the virtual workshop entry details before the event.  If you do not live in the SF Bay Area, please select the Virtual Workshop only, and we will send you a recommended list of materials to gather on your own. If you can pickup materials from our studio in Oakland, that works too!

Enjoy fresh local grown flowers and learn eco friendly and sustainable floral design techniques.

Winter: focus on textures, foliage and varying centerpieces styles and shapes. Flowers, foliage, vase, chicken wire, and flower clippers provided.

Spring: focus on colors and flower care, playing with spring blooms and bulbs, playing with branches and blooms focused arrangements. Flowers, foliage, a flower frog and a container provided  

Summer: review of centerpiece with addition of a hand tied bouquet technique. Flowers, Foliage, container, wire and ribbons provided.

Fall: focus on a thanksgiving table design with edible and seasonal elements for decor. Flowers, foliage, container and additional decorative elements provided.

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